Aug 13, 2023

Product Of The Week: This Skin Polish Is Just What I Needed

My skin has reached an all-time low. At the beginning of the year, I fell into the detrimental mistake of over-treating my skin; From daily chemical peels to retinol renewal pads, a new skincare routine–cleanser, toner, and surprise! More retinol. As expected with any new products, including highly recommended clinically-approved retinols, my skin started to purge–a six week or so adjustment process which can result in blemishes– but the purging just would not end.

Months later, I discontinued use of all of my latest products. I switched back to my original cleanser after an acne laser treatment and as of now, am trying to recover my skin. I never had a noticeable issue with skin texture, just hormonal breakouts which left behind dark spots, the skin concern I was attempting to address in the first place. I could not figure out why I had an increase in texture, with unsurfaced bumps sitting beneath the skin, instead of a few active whiteheads each month.

Last week, I booked a dermaplaning facial to remove dead skin since a gentle cleanser was the only product I was using. The treatment opened my congested pores, but as just a once per month solution, I was in search of a product I could use to resurface my skin on a weekly basis. When I hear the word “resurfacing” I think back to a popular Korean facial I received–which although highly beneficial, and quite painful at times–but Dr. Loretta’s Resurfacing Enzyme Polish resurfaced my skin without dryness or irritation.

I received the skin polish in a press package with a collection of other essential products from Dr. Loretta, a dermatologist-founded skincare brand. The award-winning polish has a gentle exfoliant texture– formulated with a physical and enzymatic exfoliator– which can be applied then left on as a mask for up to 10 minutes. The exfoliant ritual had my skin feeling smoother with more clear pores and a visible glow– which is why this skin polish is just what I needed to help repair my skin.