Sep 12, 2023

World Pharmacist Day: To What Extent Has India Established Itself As The World's Generic Capital?, ET HealthWorld

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, India played a crucial role in supplying vital drugs and vaccines to numerous nations. According to official records as of March 2021, India had sent out an impressive 5.84 crore doses of COVID-19 vaccines to 70 countries. While India has rightfully earned its status as the largest global provider of generic drugs for its unparalleled support in medical supplies and aid worldwide, maintaining this reputation necessitates a focused endeavor to address the diverse challenges that lie ahead.

Regulatory ChallengesIncreasing Pricing PressuresDependence on Imports for Key Raw MaterialsWay Forward to Address these ChallengesEnsuring and Enhancing Pharmaceutical QualityStreamlining India's Pharmaceutical Supply ChainStrengthening R&D InvestmentsDriving Self-Reliance