Lithopone Fine

Lithopone Fine

Lithopone is a white crystalline powder. For a mixture of zinc sulfide and barium sulfate, zinc sulfide, the more the st


Basic Info.
Model NO. 301-311
Level Primer
Method Spray
Certification ISO14001, ISO9001
Substrate Zinc Sulfide and Barium Sulfate
Components Zinc Sulfide and Barium Sulfate
Formation Mechanism Organic Pigments
Expiration Date 3 Years
Oil Absorption 14
Reducing Power 105
The Total Amount of Zinc 28.30
Lithopone, 311 30
Lithopone, 301 pH7.5
Lithopone 28
Transport Package Ton Bag, Paper Bag
Specification 25KG
Trademark The blue division of titanium
Origin Made in China
HS Code 32064210
Production Capacity 20000 Tons of
Product Description
Lithopone is a white crystalline powder. For a mixture of zinc sulfide and barium sulfate, zinc sulfide, the more the stronger the covering power, the higher the quality also. 4.136 ~ 4.34 g/cm3 density, insoluble in water. Acid to produce hydrogen sulfideGas, hydrogen sulfide and alkali solution doesn't work. By the ultraviolet ray in sunlight 6 ~ 7 h into light gray, was back in the dark color. After the easy oxidation in air, and be affected with damp be affected with damp agglomerate metamorphism.Product performanceAlso known as lithopone lithopone, non-toxic white powder, whiteness and hiding power than zinc oxideStrong, the index of refractionAnd opaque force than zinc oxide and lead oxide, but inferior to the titanium dioxideInsoluble in water, and acid decomposing release hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen sulfide and alkali doesn't work; High whiteness macro embellish paint cover expensive titanium white, lithopone can replace part of the good heat resistance, it can improve the weatherability, prevent algae, reduce the cost and excellent whiteness force.
Lithopone TDS
In terms of total zinc sulfide andbarium sulfate the sum of%(m/m)99
The total amount of zinc(in zinc sulfide)%m/m)30
Zinc Oxide%(m/m)0.8
105ºC Volatile%(m/m)0.3
Water soluble%(m/m) 0.5
Filter material (63μm filter)%(m/m)0.1
Color by degrees to take liquid waterExcellent
Death by degrees to take liquid waterNeutral
Oil Absorption g/100g14
Reducing power(with standard sample)%105
Opacity (contrast ratio)Not lower than 5%standerd sample
Product useLithopone is mainly used in coating, paint, printing ink, paint, also used in enamel, plastic, paper, leather, etc., lithopone mainly increase the whiteness, improve the weatherability, etc, are widely used in plastic and paint, ink, white pigment. In puAmino resin and the effect is poorer, less applicable in plastic. Also used for rubber products, paper, cloth, cloth, leather, watercolor coloring, paper, enamel, etc.
Shipment will

Company honorQ1: before I can in order to get the samples?Reply: yes, the sample is available. For a small sample is free, you only need to bear the freight;Q2: which kind of payment terms you can use your company?Reply: T/T, l/c at sight. You can choose to be convenient for you.Q3: how and when can get my goods after payment?Reply: for a small amount of the product, they will be within 2 days by international express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc.) delivered to you.For a large number of products, shipping is worth it. The destination need several days to several weeks to port, it depends on where is the port.Q4: can I use the specified labels or packaging?Reply: yes. If you need, we'd like to use labels or packaging according to your requirement.Q5: how can you make sure that you provide goods is qualified?Re: we always believe that honesty and responsibility is the foundation of a company, so we provide you with any of the products are qualified. We will test before delivery the goods and provide COA.

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